Reporting Questions Part 1

1.What are the types of reports ?

Ans : There are two types of report definition reports are summarized reports and list reports.


2. What is summarized report?

Ans : It is type of report that display summary counts, totals, or averages.


3. What are the built in functions available in summarized report?



4. Where the report results are stored ?

Ans : On a clipboard page (typically of class Code-Pega-List).


5. Name few areas where you can reference the report?

Ans : Datapage, Readonly grid, Autocomplete, Radio buttons etc.


6. Can we create a report definition directly on an external class?

Ans : No. We cannot use an external class as the Apply to class.


7. How to create a report on a framework class that can dynamically report on implementation classes ?

Ans :  Select the concrete Apply to class in the framework, and select the Report on descendent classes check box when creating the report.


8. A developer reported that he is not able to see all the ruleset when trying to create a report?

Ans: Each class can restrict applying rules to an explicit set of rulesets as specified on the Advanced tab of the class form.


9. Can we have declare index rule as a column in RD?

Ans : If your application has declare index rules, you can choose one of the properties in the declare index as a column.


10. A developer complained about seeing a warning about unoptimized property usage while saving a report ? But he does not want to expose the column. What best he can do ?

Ans : Reports that use unoptimized properties in filters or selects result in a warning message in the Report Editor or the report definition. One option could be you can use a linked property to populate a column instead.


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