Pega User Interface Interview Questions Part 1

  1. What is control?

Ans : It is rule used to define how properties will appear in user form correspondence etc.


  1. Where you can use control?

Ans : Can be used in Property, report definition, section, harness


  1. For a single value text type property, what is the corresponding HTML code?



  1. Your business wants to showcase the key features on user forms or portals. Apart from smart-info etc, is there any other rules that can do that?

Ans. Yes. We can use guided tour rules


  1. Which rule categories does Guided tour rules fall?

Ans : Rule-Automation-Tour


  1. Can the tour be started automatically?

Ans : Yes. We can configure it to start automatically when the section is loaded.We need to select pxGuidedTourAutoStart  or pxGuidedTourAutoStartOncePerSession


  1. A user complains that he cant see the guided tour. What could be the reason?

Ans : One of the potential reason could be that te Data-Preference-Operator write permissions is not given. One should have this so that his tour history can be recorded.


  1. In order to use liveUI is there any specific privilege we should have?

Ans : Yes, we need. PegaRULES:SysAdm4 and PegaRULES:SysArch4,

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