Pega Troubleshooting tool Interview Questions


1. Which class is associated with PAL Reading?

Ans: Code-Pega-PAL
2. In PAL, can you tell me the difference between init, full and delta?

Ans : Full – all activity since you signed on or clicked Reset.

Init link – activity at the time you most recently started the Performance tool, but not activity since that time.

Delta link – only incremental values between adjacent rows of the Performance report


3.How you can analyze the profiler data?
Ans :i can download the csv file generated to analyze it further


4. For the PAL, CPU Statistics, typically how many components you can see?

Ans:There are 3 : Full, TotalsOnly and None


5. What is the significance of pxTotalReqCPU ?

Ans: Total CPU time this JVM responding to HTTP requests and to service requests.


6. What are the typical things you can do using performance tool ?

Ans:We can add reading, we can also measure clipboard size, Check DB trace, Start profile and also verify the alerts generated by my activities


7. In order to enable auto node discovery, what JVM Argument you will enable ?

Ans:Modify the setenv.bat file, which is in the <TOMCAT_HOME>/bin directory, by setting the following JVM argument to true:



8. What do you mean by Auto Node Discovery ?

Ans:It is a new feature added in 7.2.2

Its a way to manually manage nodes in a cluster.

Auto Node Discovery configures the IP addresses of the nodes in a cluster, automatically adds new nodes, and updates the cluster node list.


9. You have just updated the password of an operator. The said operator , when tried to login with the new password, still faced the wrong password error . What could be the reason ?

Ans:If it is a multiple node environment, then the changes needs take some time to be reflected on all the nodes.


10. A developer wants to delete some operator id. But unable to do so, What could be the reason ?

Ans:Verify whether any rules are checked out by those operator or not. Otherwise, the operator should not have logged in at that point of time.


11. Your client wants the users to change their password in next log in ? How will you implement it ?

Ans:Under the security tab of the operator rule, select the Force password change on next login.


12. How to restrict access to SMA ?

Ans:For Tomcat-based systems, the web.xml and tomcat-users.xml files control access to such servlets.

For WebSphere-based systems, the users.props and groups.props files define custom user registries


13. What is PAL and how it works ?

Ans:It is a tool available inside designer studio to display statistics, and to identify incremental resources consumed by your processing.


14. Client wants to improve the application user experience, anything you can do from the access role side to make it better?

Ans:I can enable client-side rendering of application UI by adding the PegaRULES:TemplateUIEnabled role.

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