Pega Troubleshooting Tool Interview Questions : Part 2

1.What are the various troubleshooting tools available in PEGA?

Ans: Tracer, Clipboard, Live UI, PAL,DBTrace, Alerts

2. What is tracer buffer size?

Ans: During Tracer operation, the system by default saves unprocessed events in a temporary file called buffer.
3.What is the default tracer buffer size and how we can change it?

Ans: Default is 500 items and can be changed via prconfig setting <env name=”tracer/queue/file/limit” value=”nnnnn” />


4.What are the various temp directories present in PEGA?

Ans :
LLC : For look up
PRGenBackup : Backup copies of older versions of generated files in PRGenJava
PRGenClasses : Compiled Jave source code
PRGenJava : Java source code generated by rules assembly
StaticContent : Extracted images etc and js css files
5.What is clipboard?

Ans: Clipboard is temporary memory area on the server that is associated with every connected pega 7 requestors


6.Can an external requestor also be seen in clipboard?

Ans: Yes we can see.


7.How you will identify the threads in clipboard?

Ans:Named as per the tab name.


8.Can you throw some light about the page structure of the clipboard?

Ans: Basically there are 7groups of pages.

a. User pages : Top level pages created by normal processing
b. Data Pages : Red only defined by data pages rules
c. Linked property pages : read only retrieved whenever linked property is refered.
d. System pages : Top level created pages during authentication etc.
e. pxThread : Thrad page provides context of the page
f. pxRequestor : Contain info about access group role ruleset etc.
g. pxProcess : Contain info about JVM etc.


9. Can you execute an activity via clipboard?

Ans: Yes we can do that. We can select any page from the clipboard and run an activity by making that page as primary page.


10.What are the items not visible in clipboard?

Ans: Pz properties, Java object properties, , Data page referenced by the rules in the current and built on application.


11.Name some of the reserve page?

Ans: Local, locate, mode, param, parent, primary top etc.

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