Pega System Admin questions Part 2

1. What is the ideal size of clipboard?

Ans : The clipboard should be no larger than 6 MB on average and No single clipboard page or repeating pages should exceed 5 MB

2. What is the recommended DB query running time?

Ans : No single database query should exceed 5 seconds of CPU.

3. What is the recommended Maximum bytes of data sent from browser to server ?

Ans : 15 MB on an average .

4. Is there any limit for Maximum declaratives executed (all types)?

Ans : Yes . The best practice says, it should not be more than 45K

5. What is the ideal Maximum CPU time?

Ans : 180 Seconds

6. At a time, how many requestor Execution of RDB database operations is permitted ?

Ans : 8000

7.Imagine a hacker tried to attack the system but system prevented it. As an admin, how will figure it out?

Ans: You will see an alert SECU0006.

8. Which alert suggest that there was an unauthorized access for user session termination API ?

Ans : SECU0013

9. Name few performance related alert ?

Ans :
PEGA0001 : Http interaction time exceeds limit
PEGA0002 : Commit operation time exceeds limit
PEGA0005 : Query time exceeds limit
PEGA0011 : Total request time exceeds limit
PEGA0018 : Number of PRThread Exceeds limit
PEGA0033 : DB Query lenght has exceeded a specified threashold

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