Pega Search and Indexing Interview Questions : Part 1

1. Your client wants to disable search for some of the classes which contains confidential information. How will you do that?

Ans: We can configure it by clicking Exclude this class from search? on the Advanced tab of the Class form.


2. You store attachments on a content management system. Can you configure indexing for that?

Ans : no


3. Your business sometimes attaches huge attachments to the cases. You have noticed that indexing got hampered or slowed down due to this huge size. How best you can handle it?

Ans : On the Search landing page, we can specify the maximum size of attachments to index. Attachments that exceed the threshold are not indexed. This way we can control
4. How can you configure search query timeouts?

Ans: By enabling the DSS: indexing/distributed/search_timeout_millis


5. There is a need to rebuild indexes.But you are not able to access any rules on designer studio due to some indexing issue. Any alternate way to trigger indexing?

Ans : We can run reindexing by a direct connection to the database. We need to modify the common properties and index node properties of the file and then run script.


6. How can you specify additional properties to index?

Ans: We can do it by creating a custom search property data instance.


7. How can you use embedded properties in filters and new data instances?

Ans: By setting the DSS : Indexing/useDataInstances to true.


8. Describe some of the disadvantages of full text search?

Ans :
It can Produce many results that require further review.
It can disclose sensitive work item or work item attachment details to users who otherwise are not authorized to open or review such work.
It can affect system performance doing indexing and searching.


9. Name the sections that support full-text search?

Ans: @baseclass.FindWork and @baseclass.SearchField


10. Which agent is responsible for the search and indexing?

Ans : PegaRules-System Indexer agent is responsible to do the indexing. It runs the standard activity Code-.SystemIndexer which updates the search index cache that supports the operations of the full-text search facility for rules and data instances.


11. What is frequency of the System Indexer agent run.

Ans : Typically, runs every 60 seconds,


12. What is elastic search?
Ans : Elasticsearch is a no-SQL database implementation for indexing and storing data that is based on the Lucene search index

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