Pega Performance and JVM Tuning

1. How to estimate the number of JVMs needed for a particular business solution ?
Ans :
It depends on 3 factors.
Number of service requestors
Decision requestor
Estimated concurrent users

2. Does SMA require a separate JVM or not ?
Yes, SMA and Agents must have separate JVM

3. How much memory required for Pega 7 caches ?
Ans :Around 200- 250 MB

4. What is total permgen and native memory required for Pega 7 ?

Ans :
Around 2 GB

5. What is the total recommended memory size for Pega 7 ?
Ans :
Around 1 GB

6. For a typical Pega 7 environment, what will be the recommended Heap size ?

Ans : Somewhere around 8 GB to 16 GB depends on usage and application load.

7. Can you tell me some of the best practices for maintaining a healthy DB for Pega ?

Ans :
Perform daily statistics-gathering on the database
Correctly size initial database and size growth rate to prevent a slow, fragmented database
Ensure connection pooling is properly sized.
Avoid creating an index for a single column. Instead, examine the most common and the most time-consuming queries and create multiple-column indexes for them
Create Declare Indexes for embedded properties if they need to be exposed for lookup and reporting
Enable Purge and Archive for WorkHistory , WorkList and WorkBasket tables
Wherever possible, construct queries in ways that do not require full table scans.

8. Is exposing large number of properties a good idea ?

Ans :
The more exposed columns, and the more native database indexes you have, the more expensive the each read, update, or delete operation becomes. Consider involving a DBA who is familiar with of the fine art of database tuning

9. How to enable UDF Lookup in JSP ?

Ans :
Create a dynamic system setting named prconfig/cache/enableForlookup
Owning RuleSet value — always Pega-Engine
Set the Value to true

10. You made some changes in DSS but did not see the outcome, tell one common reason why it can happen ?
Ans :
You might have forgot to restart the server, which is requried. Also, check the owning ruleset whether that is correct or not.

11. Is it possible to set the number of Database retries ?
Ans :
Yes it is possible to set between 0 to 3 for both PegaRULE and PegaDATA schema
The relevant DSS is

<env name=”database/databases/PegaRULES/retryAttempts” value=”3″

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