Pega Mobile Interview Questions

1. What are the pre-requisites to create custom mobile app?

Ans : We have to set the below system-wide settings:
a) MobileBuildServerAuthentication authentication profile.
b) DSS: pega/mobilebuild/baseurl


2. As a developer you need to debug a mobile app. How to Enable the Client Clipboard and setting debugging options?

Ans: We have to select the Enable debugging check box in the advance tab of mobile build tab.


3. What happens if an offline-enabled mobile app fails to synchronize data after reconnecting to the server?

Ans : Pega platform generates a PEGA0066 alert.


4. Suppose we try to login to mobile app and received “HTTP Basic authentication failed error” during login. What could be the root cause for this issue?

Ans : This issue applies only if the Oracle WebLogic web application server is used by the Pega Platform. To overcome, Set the following Oracle SOA 11g partner link binding property to true:


5. How to debug an offline-enabled custom mobile app?

Ans : We have to enable the log level settings for below class to debug


6. How to prevent custom mobile apps from being closed in Android?

Ans: You have to open pyKeepAliveTimeout Declare Expression rule and set the value of the keep-alive timeout to 0 (Zero)– to turn the feature off


7. Let’s say you are working on mobile app and received the below error stacktrace :

ERROR ITMS-90032: Invalid Image Path – No image found at the path referenced under key ‘CFBundleIcons’: ‘AppIcon20x20’

What could be the root cause of this issue and how to resolve that.

Ans : The possible root could be a Missing icons for device. You can just add missing icons to the file to fix the issues.


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