Pega Marketing Interview Questions : Part 2

1. In a decision strategy there are three propositions updated with two different pyChannel values each and connecting to an Adaptive Model component. How many Adaptive Models are created due to this pattern?

Ans . 3*2 = 6 Adaptive models will be created.


2. What property must be defined in the Hand Off shape?

Ans. “Work Class Name” should be defined.


3. when a program is triggered by a real-time event, are restrictions that are applied by contact policies ignored ?

Ans. Yes. Real time events are ad-hoc campaign initiations, Neither the contact policy nor volume constraint restrictions apply.
4. What are the channels you can define in a contact policy ?

Ans. Web, Retail-Branch, Twitter


5. What is Refreshable segments?

Ans. It allows other segments to automatically refresh them. When the ‘Refreshable Segment’ option is enabled, the Segment will be refreshed when other Segments that reference it are run.
6.What do you mean by Control group?

Ans. A control group is a set of customers that you can design the Strategy to treat differently. For example, the Strategy can choose a different Offer or Treatment for the control group than the rest of the Segment. Then you can observe the behavior of regular customers versus the control group customers and use the result to assess the performance of different marketing initiatives.


7.Where are IDs of customers belonging to a control group are stored?

Ans. The PR_DATA_IH_FACT table contains the ID of the customers included in all control groups.
8. What happens when a control group segment is re-executed?

Ans. Before a control group segment is re-executed all the existing members are marked as NonMember.
9.What is a fallback strategy and when to use that ?

Ans. A Fallback Strategy is executed when the main strategy configured in an event-triggered campaign fails. Pega Marketing supports only one Fallback Strategy across the system.


10. What are there KPI metrices for displaying an offer on a website ?

Ans. Impression rate , click through rate and conversion rate.
11.What are the actions can be performed when the campaign is in “Running” state ?

Ans. Stop(till the button appears), Suspend and Recall the campaign.

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