Pega Marketing Interview Questions : Part 1

1. Can we associate a real-time container directly with a strategy ?

Ans : Yes. You can associate a real-time container directly with a Next-Best-Action strategy.
2.Which shape is used to diverge the offer flow into two different paths based on the offer response ?

Ans : Decision Shape
3. How do you test if an acknowledgment email is sent when the customer clicks on the offer response button in an email.

Ans. Perform Offer Test.


4. What happens when a strategy outputs more than one offer? Is this allowed in the context of real-time containers?

Ans. Yes it is allowed.Pega Marketing passes back all the offers selected by a marketing strategy

Example : Suppose a strategy outputs the top three offers. The external channel uses this to populate three different web banners. The top offer is displayed on a big web banner at the top of the web page. The remaining two offers are displayed on two smaller web banners on the right-hand side of the web page.


5. Which Property must be set while using an Adaptive Model for outbound marketing?

Ans. pyDirection. Due to the fact that it is an outbound campaign, it is necessary to set the pyDirection.


6. Which Interaction History property containing the control group membership information ?

Ans. pyOutcome Contains all the information related to Control group membership.


7. Which type of information must be passed by an external application when triggering a Real-time Event

Ans. The Event Name should be passed.


8. Which pre-defined criteria helps to identify customers who have rejected an offer within a time period ?

Ans.Offer Responses per Time Period

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