Pega KeyWords Interview Questions

1. What is Stream processing?

Ans : Stream processing is the runtime conversion and evaluation that converts an HTML or XML text containing JavaServer Page (JSP) tags into a final form.


2. Describe the processing sequence of Stream processing :

Ans: First assembles runtime Java,
evaluating those tags or directives (e.g <pega:include> tag) that don’t involve the clipboard contents. Then compiles the Java, and finally it executes the Java to resolve clipboard references and produce the final HTML (or XML).


3.There is a need to programmatically add an element to the end a Value List or Page List property. How will you do that ?

Ans : We can use <APPEND>.Something like .Year(<APPEND>)


4. How you can set or retrieve an element value from the end of a Value List or Page List?

Ans : We can use <LAST> index. Something like : .Year(<Last>)=2017


5. Generally in a year, Govt holidays are fixed in any country.You maintain the holiday list in a pagelist. Now there is a new requirement that on election day offices should be closed.How you can accomodate the change so that the moment the election date is declared, Office manager can modify the list quickly?

Ans : I can try Use the <INSERT> keyword. It takes an integer to insert a new element and its value into the Page List property at a numeric index position.


6. What will happen to the value which is already present in the list at that position. For example, holiday(5)=Independence Day. Now you programmitcally change it holiday(5)=Election Day. So what will happen to Independence day?

Ans : Any elements with the same or higher index value are “pushed down” by one. So now, holiday(6)=Indepence Day


7.What is the use of <CURRENT> ?

Ans : <CURRENT> can be used within a repeat block to refer to the current repeat element.


8. There is a need to obtain the current index of a top-level page in an activity. How will you do that?

Ans : We can use the <current> and TOP keywords to obtain a the current index.


9. How you can get the current index of the page list or page group property?

Ans : In data transform also we can use the <current> keyword


10. When top keyword can be used?

Ans : To refer a property on the top-level page of the current context of an embedded page.

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