Pega Data Page Interview Questions

1. What is data page ?

Ans :Data pages (known previous to Pega 7 as “declare pages” and “declarative pages”) store data that the system needs to populate work item properties for calculations or for other processes.

2. What happens when the system references a D Page?

Ans : When the system references a data page, the data page either creates an instance of itself on the clipboard and loads the required data in it for the system to use, or responds to the reference with an existing instance of itself.


3. Your business user reported that they are facing slowness while accessing a grid. You found that the grid is sources from a data page. How you will you conclude that declare page is causing the slowness?

Ans : Most likely you will see a PEGA0024 ALERT in the log which will indicate about the same.

4. Where in clipboard will you find Readonly datapage and editable datapage ?

Ans: Readonly will appear under DataPage list and editable under User Page

5. What are the different Data PAGE structure ?

Ans : There are two types :

Page : Contain single object

List ; Multiple objects

6. What are the various scope for D Page ?

Ans : There are 3 scopes : Thread, Requestor and Node

7. What is thread based D PAGE ?

Ans : Created in single requestor thread and can be accessed as often as needed in the thread

8. What Requester based D Page ?

Ans : Requester can access the page loaded across all threads

9. What is the disadvantage of editable d page ?

Ans : They cant have a refresh strategy and can only have thread and requester


10. Your business wants to source data for the data page from two locations one will server as primary and other secondary. Can you achieve it ?

Ans : Yes we can, provided we define a when rule which evaluates a condition to decide which source should be picked up for supplying the data.

11. What are the various sources you can define ?

Ans : Connector, Activity, Data Transform . LOOK UP and Report Definition

12. A developer complained that he cant see the look up as an option for source. What could be the reason ?

Ans : This can only be used as a data source for page-structure data pages. So possibly he forgot to select that.

13. What are the various refresh strategies of D Page?

Ans : We can choose reload once per interaction, can also specify when we dont want this refresh to happen or how long it can wait before getting refreshed.

14. Is it possible to use Page Remove to remove the data page ?

Ans No. We cant use it.

15. When normally the data page gets removed from system ?

Ans : It depends on various page types

For node scope, it gets removed only upon server shut down  and Thread scope removed when requestor of that thread logs out

16. What is Node based D Page ?

Ans : Any requester executing on the current node can access the pages


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