Pega Channel Services and Listeners Part 1

1. What is a channel?
Ans : A channel is the technology or application with which a user interacts with the Pega Platform application
2. What is a Chabot ?
Ans : A chatbot is the part of an application that handles natural language processing (NLP), case processing, and artificial intelligence to interact with a user in a conversational way
3. What are the types of channels are supported?
Ans :Amazon Alexa – Use voice commands.
Email – Send email messages.
Facebook Messenger – Send text messages in Messenger.
SMS – Send text messages from a mobile phone.
4. Your client wants to built a chatbot on facebook. What will be your recommendations:?

Ans : They must purchase a separate license for Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant and install the Facebook channel component from Pega Exchange and post that add the ruleset in your application.
5. Your client set up an email account but the outgoing email is failing . What are the possible reason ?
Ans : Check the connection refused by provider or not. most times they treat it as spam.
6. What is email listener ?
Ans : Email listeners provide the Pega Platform with the information it needs to route email incoming messages to an email service rule.
7. While creating the listener, a developer select “Block startup” What will be the impact
Ans: When selected, stops the listener from being started automatically or manually.
8. Is there any need to set email listener in separate node?
Ans: It helps enhancing performance.
9. Any way to delete tracking data for listener?
Ans : Select the Reset start up option in email listener.

10. What is latency period?
Ans : Enter the duration of this listener’s rest period in seconds. After the amount of time specified, the listener checks the email folder specified for messages.
11. Your architect wants to increase the number of threads per server node that this listener requestor creates .How will you do that?
Ans: Increase the count under concurrent threads field

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