Pega API Interview Questions

1. You have to programmtically re-opens an assignment and redraws the flow action on the screen.Which API will you use?

Ans: refresh(onSuccess,OnFailure). This works in perform harness.


2.Can you finish an assignment via activity?

Ans: Yes by using finishAssignment() API


3.What is process API?

Ans: The Process API consists of the rules for standard activities, flows, and flow actions that you can use to start and advance flows without using user forms.


4.What is PEGA API?

Ans: Pega API to power client and mobile apps by using built-in Pega REST services.


5.What are the various Pega API catagories you are aware of of?

Ans: There are around 6-7 Pega API. Namely Assignments,Authenticate.Cases,CaseType,Data,Docs,Users.


6.A developer complained that he is not able to access or work with PegaAPI. What could be the reason?
Ans: Check whether PegaRULES:PegaAPI & PegaRULES:PegaAPISysAdmin access role is added or not.


7.What is PublicAPI?

Ans: It is the supported public interface to the rules engine.


8.What is Engine API?

Ans: Engine API sometimes refers as PublicAPI is supported public interface to the rules engine


9.What is Cross Origin Resource Sharing?

Ans : Cross-Origin Resource Sharing settings in Pega 7 enable you to control and secure the use of the Pega API services embedded in your web or mobile client application.Configure these settings to permit Pega API access across domains you trust using the headers you specify.


10.What is offline validation API?

Ans: The offline validation API consists of a JavaScript method that allows you to run a validate rule in offline-enabled applications.


11.How you can use offline validation API?

Ans:We can use it by running a script action or a custom JavaScript function.

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