Pega Agent Interview Questions : Part 1

1. What is Auto Queue Management ?

Ans : Available with Standard type of agents, AQM can help with requeing the item just in case the agent fails to process a queue item.

If you disable it then the agent will attempt only once to process the item and in case of failure it will not retry


2. What are the various node type available for agent ?

Ans : There are four nodes

Background Processing node – Runs the agents on a background node.
BIX node – Runs the agents on a BIX node for BIX jobs.
Search node – Runs the agents on a search node for search jobs.
Web User node – Runs the agents on a web user node for web user jobs


3.What is queue manager?

Ans : The Queue Manager is the internal server facility that supports queued items created by the Queue-for-Agent method. Agents with a Queue Method value of Standard (on the Schedule tab of the agents rule form) use the Queue Manager.


4. How to start and stop an agent ?

Ans: Use SMA / Landing page tools to do the start up or stop.


5. Can you control which version of agent to run ?

Ans : The Agent Manager does not use rule resolution to determine which version of an agents rule to run. The highest version always runs.


6.Can you set an agent locale ?

Ans : NO. The batch requestor honors the default server locale settings, including the default calendar.
7.Which clock does an agent follow ?

Ans : Generally the server clock .
8. Basically agents are just like user which is automated in nature ? Is there any difference with real time user ?

Ans : Agents do not have an associated organization, division, or unit neither they have an associated business calendar


9. Where will you find node id in clipboard ?

Ans : This identifier is stored on the process page as property pxProcess.pxSystemNodeID and is used in log files


10. What is host name in Agent Nodes tab ?

Ans : It is the server name of the node

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