Pega Activity Questions : Part 3

1. You are creating an activity and entered into a loop . Can you perform obj refresh and lock via a loop?
Ans No

2. What is an handle?
Ans : The handle of an instance is a unique key, in an internal format, assembled by the system that identifies an instance in the PegaRULES database


3. What would you prefer to have, Obj Open or Obj Open by Handle?

Ans : Use the Obj-Open-By-Handle method only if you can determine the unique handle that permanently identifies which instance to open. Otherwise, use the Obj-Open method.


4.What is the difference between Rdb open and Obj Open?

Ans :Use RDB Open method to retrieve a single row (record) of data from an external relational database and add the retrieved data into a specified clipboard page as property names and values.Use Connect SQL rules and the RDB-Open method only with an external database. Do not use Connect SQL rules or RDB methods to updated the PegaRULES database(s)

Use the Obj-Open method to open an instance stored in the PegaRULES database or in an external database linked to an external class, and save it as a clipboard page.

5. Can you use DB Trace for Connect SQL Performance track?
Ans : Yes we can


6. Suppose you are using Obj-Open and mentioned a step page , say PageA. Now at runtime, the clipboard already has some data in PageA. What will happen if Obj-Open Runs at that time?

Ans : If it finds the specified step page, the system clears any data that is on it and reuses the page. If no existing page has a name matching the specified step page, the system creates a new page.


7.What is RDB List?
Ans : Use this method to retrieve rows from an external relational database and place the results as embedded pages in a specified step page of class


8. Where in RDB- Method you will specify the DB type?

Ans : Under the Package name


9. Can you use declarative for RDB List?
Ans : yes.

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