Pega Activity Questions Part 2


  1. If a lock is held and you perform a commit, what will happen to it ? 

Ans : All locks held by the requester Thread  will be released

  1. What happens when a commit occurs in activity ?

Ans : The system commits all deferred write operations (including deletes) for this requestor in the queue to the database. If any of the writes fail, they all fail

  1. Can you do commit for a work- class or @baseclass ?

Ans : Yes, But it will throw a warning.

  1. Is it advisable to use commit in a utility type activity ?

Ans : No.  Flow processing performs commits automatically when the flow ends

  1. Which method you will use to load a data page ?

Ans : Preferably Call-Async Acitivity which loads a data page and run asynchronously

  1. As a developer, what would you prefer to use ? activity exit rather than activity end

Ans : Ideally, Activity exit is widely used. But if business demands something which can be fulfilled with methods like active end then we have to use that.

  1. What is the difference between Activity end and Activity exit ?

Ans : The Exit-Activity method ends the current activity and returns control to the calling activity.If no calling activity exists, the system starts the next activity in the activity list.But activity end abort all the activities in the stack.

  1. What is the usage of activity end ?

Ans : If there is a need to terminate all the activities in  a call stack  then we can use this method. For example, if one activity calls another activity that executes the Activity-End method, both activities end; the system does not return to the calling activity

  1. What are the methods that do not need a step page ?

Ans : Obj-Open  Obj-Open-By-Handle Obj-Refresh-And-Lock Page-Change-Class Page-Merge-Into RDB-Open

  1. A developer is trying to pass a parameter as a local variable to another activity. Is it advisable?

Ans : No.You cant do this. You will end up getting an error when saving the activity.

  1. Why would you prefer to use a local variable?

Ans : Local variable requires less memory and execute faster than regular parameters. They are often used to pass information from step to step.


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