Pega 8.1 Application Development Interview Questions

1. In Pega 8.1 what are the new components added for application development?

Ans : From app dev point of view, couple of new features added in 8.1
a. We can use role based workspaces
b. Developers now has the capability to review complete project highlights on a single page
c. Effective management of resuable component
2. What do you mean by work-space or studio?

Ans : It is an environment that provides specific tools and features


3. What are the various workspace supported in the latest release?

Ans : There are four types
a. App Studio,
b. Dev Studio
c. Admin Studio
d. Prediction Studio
4. Can you use Pega Express in 8.1?

Ans : The App Studio is nothing but former Pega Express


5. A system admin complained that he is not able to access the admin studio? What could be the potential reason?

Ans : To access Admin Studio, one should have the following Privileges


6. Like we used to switch portal, similarly, is there any way to switch studio as such?

Ans : Yes. In the header of the workspace, we need to click the Switch Studio menu.


7. How can you show the relevant record?

Ans : We can show it by right clicking the relevant record management tab for a specific class in the App Explorer.


8. What is Prediction studio?

Ans : It is the studio thru which one can build machine-learning models for adaptive, predictive, and text analytics.

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