NLP Interview Questions

  1. What is NLP ?

Ans : The NLP Sample is a reference application that showcases the text analytics capabilities of the Pega 7 Platform


  1. How many text analyzer does PEGA provides for Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Facebook


Ans :  All total 5 :  Pre-NLP;In Case escapes;Global NLP;Post NLP ;Simple;


  1. What does simple NLP does ?


Ans :  case-sensitive text analyzer that interprets the exact text entered in the message and compares it to the literal names of commands.


  1. Can you modify simple NLP ?


Ans.  It is recommended not to modify this


  1. What is post NLP ?


Ans : Manages commands that have special functions after the message has been received


  1. What is Global NLP ?


Ans : when the customer is not in the middle of a service case. All queries/responses and case commands should be provided for this NLP taxonomy.


  1. What is In-Case NLP ?


Ans : It is used for circumstances where the user is in the middle of a service case


  1. What is Pre NLP ?


Ans  :Manages the status of an Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Facebook Messenger to understand whether the Messenger is currently in the middle of a service case or is interacting with a live agent.


  1. How you can configure NLP ?

Ans  : Use Either a rule based model or free text model.


  1. What is the benefit of NLP ?


Ans :  NLP makes it possible for you to classify content that is posted on social media (in the form of tweets, posts, comments, messages, and so on) into various categories to make that content easy to sort and manage



  1. Your client wants to upload their custom taxonomy. What are the columns the csv file must contain ?

Ans   Primary, Second, Should words, Must words, And words, Not words, Child match, and Node type


  1. What is the significance of Should words column ?

Ans : This column is very important for category assignment. If the text analyser encounters any of the words or phrases that are in this column, the text analyser assigns the content to the corresponding category


  1. What is the significance of MUST WORDS ?


Ans : You can narrow down your categorization conditions by specifying the words that the content must contain to be assigned to the corresponding category.


  1. What is Node type ?


Ans : The values in this column indicate whether a row is a category or not


  1. What are the some of the best practices of creating taxonomy ?


Ans :

Create an exhaustive list of categories

Test your taxonomy

Maintain taxonony regularly


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