Get Next Work Interview Questions : Part 1

1. Can you explain the concept of getNextWork?

Ans : It s an automated way of choosing the best, most appropriate assignment to work on next. User can see a button or link stating get next work in the portal. Upon clicking the button, Work-.GetNextWork gets called which in turn calls Work-.GetNextWorkObject. This checks the pyWorkBasketFirst property for the user. Based on whether it is true or false, it calls either findAssignmentinWorkbasket or findAssignmentinWorklist. At runtime, it also verifies whether merge workbasket option selected or not. Finally decision tree Assign-.GetNextWorkCriteria is applied to each assignment found. Then the GetNextWork activity creates and populates the newAssignPagepage, moves the assignment to the user’s worklist, and locks the work item.


2. Business wants to skip a specific types of work items to be picked by getNextWork. What you will suggest?

Ans: We can think of setting the GetNextWork_MoveAssignmentToWorklist system setting to false.


3.  A developer complained that despite having GetNextWork_MoveAssignmentToWorklist system setting to false still the outcome is not as expected. What could be the possible reason?

Ans : Perhaps the case might be using optimistic locking or it is getting called from REST API.


4. What could be the possible reason that an assignment is not picked up by get next logic ?

Ans : If the assignment has pyActionTime in the future. or he operator already worked on it today. Also if the operator does not have required skill, the assignment will not be picked up.


5. What are the extension point for getNextWork?

Ans : Two possible areas are :

finAssignmentInWorkBasket and getNextWorkObject activity .


6. Explain the ways to debug getNextWork algorithm?

Ans: Any debugging should start with tracer. So I would opt for tracer and in the tracer settings, under event type, will mention process engine so that at run time it captures only the engine related events . Post that from tracer I can find out the SQL query which is used to retrieve the case .


7. Business wants that as soon as user finish working on assignment, he should get the next assignment and not see the confirm harness. How will you achieve this ?

Ans : In the flow action, upon assignment completion settings, change it to GetNextWork from the default Show Confirm Harness.


8. Name the decision tree involved in the getNextWork logic?

Ans : GetNextWorkCriteria. It is an available rule and can be modified as per business needs.


9. Your business workbasket contains cases with skills as :French,German and Japanese. Business wants to configure getNextLogic in such a way that it does not pick up the cases where the operator does not have required skills. How to do it?

Ans : Enable this system setting : GetNextWork_SkipUnskilledAssignments.

10. Business wants to enable getNextWork to assemble and sort assignment in any work queue for which the work group field is the same as workgroup of the operator. How to do it?

Ans : In the operator id rule form, enable the MergeWorkbasket and also check the use all workbasket assignments in users work group field.

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