General BPM and PEGA questions Part 1

1. What is Guest user in PEGA ?

Ans : Also known as unauthenticated requestors—typically have access to only the rules in the rulesets in the PRPC:Unauthenticated access group.The clipboard for a guest requestor does not include pages for the Operator ID, organization, division, or organization unit

2. How to customize the log in sequence for all operators ?

Ans : Modify the Code-Security.ApplicationProfileSetup activity

3. Business wants two operators from two different units to be part of same workgroup. Is it possible ?

Ans : Members of a work group may belong to different organization units, divisions, or even different organizations.

4. If your browser locale is French but your user locale is German, which one will be picked up at run time ?

Ans : German locale.

5. A developer complained that while updating a user email id in an operator id rule form, they are getting an error stating the length is more than 40 character, How will you solve it ?

Ans : pyEmailAddress property has the limit of 40 charactors. We can override it easily

6. Where in DB the operator id normally gets stored?

Ans : PR_OPERATOR table

7. Your business wants to restrict the access to a particular workbasket only for few set of users. How will you do that ?

Ans : I will set a new role for those set of users and define the same role under the role field in the workbasket

8. What is workbasket ?

Ans:Kind of Queue of open items

9. How many types of workbasket can be there ?

Ans : Two types. Standard and Robotics

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