File Listener Questions

1. When you can use file listener ?

Ans : File Listener form in conjunction with Service File rules to import data from a file or files into your system.

2. There is something called associated ruleset for file listener. What is the purpose ?

Ans : It is required to define when you want to do a ruleset specific packaging. If you keep this empty, system will pick up the application ruleset.

3. What are the various way to start a file listener ?

Ans : Run on all nodes .
Node based startup
Host based startup —
NodeClassification based startup

4. What is the difference between Node based and Host based ?

Ans : Node based startup is when the listener is started only on specified nodes.
Host based startup is when the listener is started on a specified number of nodes on specific servers within the cluster.

5. How you can make the listener pick every file from a specified folder ?
Ans: In the Source name mask field, if we define *.* then it will pick up all the files.

6. Your business wants the listener to read only the csv files. How to do that ?
Ans : In the source name mask field, you can define *.csv

7. Your business wants the file listener to process s multiple files at the same time. How to achieve it ?
Ans : Mention a single digit number greater than 1 in the concurrent thread field .

8. What is pooling interval ?
Ans : It is the number of seconds that this listener waits before it checks for newly arrived files

9. Your system consists of a single server node or the file listener is set to run on only a single node. Will you lock the temporary file ?

Ans : no. It is advisable not to lock it.

10. Your business complained that few of the files are not getting picked up by file listeners while others are getting picked up properly. What could be the reason ?
Ans :One issue could be that the files are empty and if you want the empty files to be picked up and work by listener, it is better to check the option : Process Empty Files ?

11. How to let the listener know what to do with corrupted or erroneous file ?
Ans :Under error tab, for the File operation field. Choose Rename or Delete to specify what to do with files in error…

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