DSM Interview Questions : Part 3

1. What are the different steps involved in creating a predictive model in PAD portal?

Ans. Data preparation, Data Analysis, Model development, Model Analysis and Model Export.


2. In the terms of coefficient of Concordance, what does value of 50% and 100% represents?

50% – Random Distribution
100% – Perfect Discrimination


3. Let’s have a situation where one company started their organization and created an Adaptive model. They don’t have any customer response and data with them. What should be the optimal way to go ahead and use the adaptive model in their strategy?

Ans. Use the smooth propensity. Once the actual response arrives, actual propensity and smooth propensity converges.


4. Client said that Strategy should only output propositions with Average margin higher than 200” How can you implement the  requirement?

Ans. We can try by using Group By- Filter component. and use a Group by component to get the Average Margin and then use Filter component to filter the proposition based on the Average margin > 200.


5. What privilege provides the user the ability the ‘Monitor Interaction History’ link from navigation page showing the Actuals data source in the VBD, in the decision manger portal?

Ans. pyMonitorVBDActuals
6. What privilege provides the user the ability to click on the Update reporting data link, which ensures that a new database snapshot is taken for adaptive reporting, in the Decision Manager portal?

Ans. pyUpdateADMReportingData


7. What privilege do you use to create a role where the end user in the portal will only be able to change proposition data and nothing else?

Ans. Assign pyManagePropositionData in a custom role.


8. What are the Name of the flows in Revision Management?

Ans. Revision Management, Change-Request Management, Change Request Approval and Direct Deployment.

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