DSM Interview Questions : Part 2

1. What do you call the Business Rules that ensure that selected propositions have greater relevance to the customer?

Ans: Soft Rules


2. How can we narrow down the number of results returned by an Interaction History component?
Ans : Based on outcome of previous interactions in the Interaction History component


3. How can you upload a PMML file that contains a TreeModel model type?

Ans. Use the Predictive Model rule to upload all the PMML files.


4. What are the six Key features of Decision management?

Ans. Proposition Management, Decision Management, Interaction History, Adaptive Decision Manager (ADM), Predictive Analytics Director (PAD) and Visual Business Director.
5. Which report allows you to see how frequently the proposition is offered to the customer?

Ans. Proposition distribution report.


6. What privilege is required to have to run the simulations?

Ans. pyRunSimulations is generally being used for this.


7. What is the need of Application overlay?

Ans. It is used for the direct deployment of the control parameters and the default Application overlay can not be deleted. It starts with ‘RTC- ‘.


8. Suppose there is a scenario, where the company has launched a new phone and it must be the top offer for all the customers. How will you achieve that?

Ans. Increase the Marketing weight of the new phone in the decision parameters of the Propositions and if necessary, reduce the marketing weigh value for other products.

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