DSM Interview Questions : Part 1

1. What is the primary role of Pega Decision Management?

Ans Helping to determine the Next-Best-Action


2. What are the three key elements of NBA?

Ans : Listen, Learn, and Act


3. Explain some of the key strategic business directions of NBA

Ans : Few of the business directions tied up with NBA are Growth, Service, Retention and Risk mitigation.


4. What are the various features of Pega Decision Management?

Ans : Proposition Management, Decision Strategies, Interaction History, Visual Business Director, Adaptive Decision Manager, and Predictive Analytics Director.


5. What is proposition?

Ans : These are anything that can be offered to a customer. For example, advertising.


6. Which one is safe? Adaptive or Predictive?

Ans : To me, Predictive is safe


7. What do you understand by Sub Strategy?

Ans: A Next-Best-Action strategy is broken up into smaller strategies, called sub-strategies.


8. How you can invoke a decisioining component in the BPM flow?

Ans : We can use the Data Flow Flow shape which usually invokes a decision strategy via the Data Flow record


9. When you typically want to use a decision management component?

Ans : When the business want to understand how to retain a customer and how much budget one should spend.


10. You have to defineĀ a strategy for execution. Which shape you will use for that?

Ans : Run interaction shape can be used for this purpose


11. Have you heard about switch component? What is it?

Ans: It is related to Pega’s DSM offering and typically used to arbitrate between two decision logics


12. I want to set some offer properties. Where can I set it?

Ans: We can do it by navigating to the landing page related to proposition management

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