Declarative Interview Questions : Part 2

1.What is Property-Seek-Value method?

Ans: This method is mostly used for the backward chaining purpose.


2.How a declare constraints work?

Ans : When the system detects that a constraint fails,it adds a message to the page of the property identified in the left portion of the require That field (if any).The presence of this message ordinarily prevents the system from saving the page containing this property value to the database.


3.Can you apply constrains on embedded page properties?

Ans : Yes


4.Your business wants to show the constraints violation error immediately rather than waiting till end.Any thoughts on how you can do it?

Ans: Make use of flowaction and harness by enabling the checkbox for enable expression calculation


5.When you should use a decision table?

Ans:When there is a possibility of deriving a value from more than one choices.
6.What happens when one of the row returns false?

Ans:Any of the conditions in a row evaluate to false, processing continues with the next row


7. What is the significance of evaluate all rows?

Ans:It ensures that the entire decision table has been evaluated before returning the result


8.Your business has decided to give 50% off to a product if the card member is gold, if silver then 40% , otherwise give flat 10% . How will you design this ?

Ans: We can do it using decision table where as we can get the discount amount as return from the table,


9.Your business wants that manager of particular location store can decide which month they want to give discount. How will you do that ?

Ans: I can delegate a decision table and will let the manager make the changes.


10.What is the typical usage of Decision Tree ?

Ans : Use a decision tree to record if .. then logic that calculates a value from a set of test conditions organized as a tree structure


11. Where a decision tree can be referenced?

Ans : Flow , Activity, Declare expression


12. Where a decision table can be referenced?

Ans: Flow , Activity, Declare expression


13.From a decision tree, what are the rules you can call?

Ans:Decision tree, Map Value, Decision Table


14. Is there any limit for the number of nodes of the decision tree?

Ans: 300-500 max as post that performance might get impacted.


15. Does decision tree produce forward or backward chaining?

Ans: no.

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