Activity Methods Questions : Set 3

1. How many parallel thread can be spun off via RDB Save?
Ans : Max 10

2. A developer complains about seeing a log entry that says “Obj-Save is trying to write to a non-existent column”. What could be the reason ?

Ans : This error can occur when two different Process Commander database schema are present in the same database, but the Data-Admin-DB-Table instances do not explicitly identify which schema to use.

3. Can we delete external database row ?
Ans. Yes. Use RDB-Delete , to delete a row or rows from an external relational database using SQL

4. Can you explain the significance of pxMethodStatus and pxMethodStatusInfo properties ?

Ans : Most methods update the pxMethodStatus property on the pxThread page with a status that starts with one of the values Good:, Warn:, or Fail:. These three values are prefixes to a message key that is looked up as a field value rule.
Optionally, your activities can place additional information about an error or result in the property named pxMethodStatusInfo.

5. Give two examples when an obj save can fail ?
Ans : You cannot save a page that is locked by another requestor You cannot save pages of any class derived from the Code- base class or the Embed- base class.

6. When to use Obj-Refresh-and-Lock method ?
Ans : Use this method to assure that the contents of the step page are current and a lock is held on the corresponding object.This is useful if you are not certain whether the contents of the step page are current or whether your requester session already holds a lock on the page.

7. Can obj-refresh and lock fail ?

Ans : If the object is locked and the lock has not expired, this method has no effect

8. One developer forgot to check the Release On Commit checkbox ? How you can retain the lock ?

Ans : Use Page-Unlock method .

9. What is lockInfoPage ?

Ans : As a debugging aid, identify the name of a page to be created by this method to hold the results of the locking attempt when it fails. By convention, this page is named LockInfo in standard rules

10. How system determines whether the current clipboard page is stale or not ?

Ans : Compares the last update time stamp of the instance on the step page on the clipboard (property pxUpdateDateTime) with the pxUpdateDateTime time stamp of the instance on the database. If the times are the same, the clipboard copy is not stale; if they differ, the clipboard copy is stale.DateTime values are captured to the nearest millisecond.

11. Can we update rule instance via Obj Refresh and Lock :
Ans . No

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