Activity Methods Questions : Set 2

  1. You have defined maxAttempts as 2 and the agent failed 2 time. What will happen next ?


Ans : If the agent attempts to process the entry this number of times without success, it keeps the item in the queue but changes its status to Broken-Process


  1. Is it required to define MinimumAgeforProcessing in Queue For Agent ?


Ans : It is important to ensure that a user releases all work item locks before an agent attempts to process the queue entry. To address this requirement, configure a small delay with the MinimumAgeForProcessing parameter. The default value is 0, which means the agent can process a queue entry immediately


  1. As a user, you are trying to fix broken item but facing an insufficient privilege error. What could be the reason ?


Ans : Users who hold the @baseclass. ReconcileBrokenQueueItems privilege can resubmit or delete broken queue items. If you dont have it you cant work on it.


  1. Your business needs to reload the entire session without logging off. How will you achieve it ?


Ans : When you want to reload then one of the basic thing requires reload of thread page.So I would go for Thread Clear method. It will clear the Thread pages for your current session, except for any pages specified in the KeepPages parameter


  1. Will Thread clear method also clear the worklist ?


Ans : Depends on  whether you selected the EmptyTaskLists or not .If selected, it will clear activity worklist and crrent


  1. Consider a situation where a developer has used Obj-Open but forgot to select the option of ReleaseOnCommit. You are working on something else and faced an unusual situation of unable to use the page because it is locked. How will you proceed ?


Ans :   I will opt for Page-Unlock method  to release a lock that is no longer needed


  1. Which one will you prefer ? Obj-Save or Commit ?


Ans : Obj-Save is preferable . Use this method to request that the system save a clipboard page to the PegaRULES database or (if the page belongs to an external class) an external database. You can reverse the effect of an Obj-Save method — if it has not yet been committed — with the Obj-Save-Cancel or the Rollback method.


  1. Can you do obj-save with write now for a trigger type activity ?

Ans : no

  1. What is the difference between Obj Save and RDB Save ?

Ans : RDB save is to save the contents of a clipboard page into a row of a relational database.Use Connect SQL rules and the RDB-Save method only with an external database. Do not use Connect SQL rules or RDB methods to update the PegaRULES database. Because not all properties in the Pega 7 Platform databases are distinct database columns, use the Obj-Open and Obj-Save methods, not the RDB- methods, with the PegaRULES database to prevent loss of data.


  1. What is Run in Parallel indicates in RDB Save ?


Ans : When the RunInParallel box is selected, the SQL operation occurs in a new requestor session. This temporary requestor has the same access group and clipboard as the original.


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