Activity methods questions : Set 1

  1. A developer is trying to commit in an activity but getting a error saying the property has been truncated. What could be the issue ?


Ans :Commit method takes 4 mandatory properties ObjClass, className,InsKey and InsName. If any one of these four properties contains a value that is longer than the width of the database column, the system associates a warning message.


  1. You did a commit and then ran a report definition. The report fetched the data with + symbol in it ? What could be the reason ?

Ans : While doing a commit, if properties contains a value that is longer than the width of the database column, then though the data get saved, the system changes the last character of the truncated value to a plus sign (+) character

  1. Tell us some of the best practices about commit :

Ans : Commit method should occur only after errors are intercepted, checked, and corrected. It should also include a transition in the Commit step that checks the status


  1. You are performing a commit operation but it is taking long time at DB end, what properties will you check ?

Ans :  Performance tool report on Commit operations ; Elapsed time writing to the database (property Code-Pega-PAL.pxCommitElapsed) ; Database Commit Count (property Code-Pega-PAL.pxCommitCount) ; Database Rows Committed (property Code-Pega-PAL.pxCommitRowCount)


  1. Can a regular rule use End Validate method ?

Ans : No, it is for custom rules


  1. When flow end method is used ?

Ans : This method is used  to immediately end a flow execution, before execution reaches a Flow-End shape. Used mostly to handle exceptional situations.


  1. Give an example where you will use Queue For Agent method ?

Ans : This method stores a request for processing as a persistent object (entry) in the system queue. So if there is an application need to queue an agent for processing, we will  use this method.


  1. Can we use any other alternatives of Queue for Agent ?

Ans : Your application can call the standard activity @baseclass.QueueForAgent, ‘


  1. What is default value for maxAttemps in QueueForAgent ?

Ans : 1


  1. You have defined maxAttempts as 2 and the agent failed 2 time. What will happen next?

Ans :  If the agent attempts to process the entry this number of times without success, it keeps the item in the queue but changes its status to Broken-Process


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