Declarative Interview Questions : Part 4

  1. Tell me some of the best practices for Declare expression

Ans : Never change the target  properties manually. Also also prefer to use whenever used


  1. Your business wants you to design a mechanism so that, whenever someone modifies the interest rate, the regional head gets a mail . How will you implement it ?

Ans : I will use Declare onChange targeting the interest rate property and call an activity of onChange type to send email notification.


  1. Suppose, your business wants that if any of their customer has failed to pay one year EMI, then they will no longer be able to apply for any new product of the bank and all the existing requests will be freeze or cancelled. How to implement it ?

Ans : To do the first we can set a flag which can be checked before creating any new request for the customer. For the second, we need to track the same flag via a declare onchange rule and then suspend all work object via that.


  1. Can an onChange type rule call or branch to a non onChange rule ?

Ans : No, it cant.


  1. What are the best practices of Declare OnChange ?

Ans : Some of the best practices are

Dont create an infinite loop using declare onchange.

Do not attempt in an OnChange activity to overtly set the value of a property that is the target of a Declare Expression rule

Design the OnChange activity to execute quickly


6. What is policy override flow ?

Ans :  It a kind of flow used in application to handle some special cases ( like policy breaches etc. )


  1. What are the main components required to have the policy override flow in place ?

Ans : Property to show business exception OnChange rule , flow and reviewer with ReviewPolicyOverride privilege


  1. Is there any router in place to take care of the routing ?

ANS : ToPolicyOverrideOperator


  1. Is there any out of the box flow for the policy override ?

Ans :Work-.PolicyOverride


  1. What is the difference between DeclareOnchage-Suspend workitem and policy override ?

Ans : Suspend workitem completely rejects the workitems. but via policy override, Other work on the work item is blocked until the review completes, and records the an outcome (of Allow or D

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